Manage Remote Working

Manage business continuity during adverse times. This webinar will discuss on how to achieve your customer service and sales team to work remotely and achieve results.

Live Webinar

Date and Time

Wed, 1st April • 11:00 am Indonesia Time / 9:30 am IST



Saket Setu - Chief Executive Officer at C-Zentrix

Customer Experience Expert


Arijit Chatterji - Chief Business Officer at C-Zentrix

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss this Webinar

  • With the onset of a menacing pandemic, remote working solutions are imperative to ensure business continuity. 
  • Business Continuity Plan: How to manage teams and customers from a remote login setup?
  • Get informed about Remote Agent for your on-premise setup.
  • Employ your remote agents with Mobile Application and learn how to do it.
  • Learn how video chat impacts your customer support team and connects you globally at a cheaper cost.
  • This webinar will tell you everything about setting up your Remote Team, and how to arm them efficiently to make the most out of remote working.

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