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Choose a socially distanced road to customer success.

With the rise of COVID19, aka Coronavirus, social distancing is the new normal. We can no longer avoid the obvious that this practice is affecting businesses and economies all around the globe.

Businesses cannot afford to shut down as billions of people's livelihoods depend on it. Customers, too, need attention, especially in critical times like these. Perhaps, 'Remote Working' solutions are the only way to go.

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CZ Mobile App

CZ Mobile App enables your agents to manage all the outbound calling from the comfort of their mobile phones. Since the call is initiated from the server, the business phone number is displayed to the caller. However, the agent's phone number remains masked.

Due to the pandemic, contact centers have taken a significant hit. Contact centers are an essential mode of communication between the business and its customers. We aim to ensure that this relationship is preserved even in times of emergency.

Top benefits of CZ Mobile Application:

  • Enables remote working opportunities.
  • Inbuilt CRM captures the interaction and calls are recorded and available on the server for quality and training purposes.
  • Agent's privacy is ensured as numbers are masked.
  • Ensures business continuity during fatal or cataclysmic situations.
  • Easier to use, thus requires no on-boarding.


CZ Remote Login

'CZ Remote Login' enables the agents to handle inbound and outbound calls directly from their mobile phone—the call gets routed via your on-premise server. The on-premise server is connected to the internet, which becomes remotely accessible to the agents. Agents will have their mobile numbers mapped against their agent accounts, using which they log in to the server.

Risking the lives of your employees is never an option; however, if business comes to a halt, you risk everyone's livelihood. Thus, ensure business continuity from within the safety of your homes.

Top benefits of CZ Remote Login:

  • Ensures remote working opportunities.
  • Doesn't require heavy hardware to run itself.
  • Use CZ Telephony for crystal clear voice exchange.
  • Enables business continuity in times of unwanted incidents.
  • Eco-friendly choice of working due to lesser need for commute.
  • Promotes healthy working habits, as agents are working from the comfort of their homes.
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CZ Video Chat

Face-to-face interaction is an essential form of communication for businesses to sustain. From high value sales to product servicing, require in-person presence, but now that is off the to-do-list, we offer you: CZ Video Chat.

CZ Video Chat enables faster issue resolution, more accessible product demonstration and comfortable communication. Interact with your customers all-the-while working remotely from the comfort of your home.

Top benefits of CZ Video Chat: 

  • Instant face-to-face interaction.
  • Doesn't require extra-downloads or plugins to run itself
  • Supports cross-platform video calls.
  • It can be embedded in your mobile application.
  • One-click activation -- as agents can send the link via text to instantly enable the video-call with just a click.
  • On-call navigation for enhanced flexibility. Agents can share collaterals or initiate verification procedures like KYC and more.
  • Screenshot facility enabled alongwith video-call recording for quality and training purposes.
  • Serve your customers from anywhere, anytime.

Let's do everything we can, to ensure we come out of this pandemic, even stronger.

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