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CZ Voice Bot

Creating impactful conversations.

With customer demands gaining pace, it is essential to provide intuitive customer service. But placing, a human live agent is not always feasible and scalable too. With a smart Voice bot or Voice Assistant life can be far more convenient and it is far more easy on business.

In a customer-centric market, accurate voice recognition is an essential aspect. Harboring such functions gives a business the winning edge. However, investing in AI-driven technology is a small step towards the bigger gain.

Features of Voice Bot
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A voice-based interface is a versatile attitude towards consistent and omnipresent customer service. Out of all the touch-points, voice interface function becomes the most convenient choice for most customers as it is hands-free, non-reliant on another human and lastly, it is self-sufficient. Voice is the best interface for natural interaction for humankind.

  • Become more approachable with a Voice Bot.
  • Deploy it for Inbound or Outbound calls.
  • Enable your customers to explain their queries effortlessly and offer them immediate assistance via intent-based responses.  

Top benefits of voice interface: 

  • Provides 24x7 customer service without human shortcomings.
  • Financially more profitable and dependable than a salaried agent.
  • Record customers' speech scripts to analyze & understand customer sentiments.
  • Increases potential for revenue generation.
  • Accessible from any place in the world without any hindrance.
  • Increases operational efficiency.



Generate a self-servicing environment with speech-recognition technology. Some say it is a modern approach to customer satisfaction. Automated Speech Recognition attempts at understanding the voice input and converts it into the appropriate text. The state-of-the-art technology ensures streaming and collision detection so that the communication is as natural as possible.

When a customer speaks, the streamed audio file is cleared of any background noise. The streamed audio file is deduced first in words (speech to text) and then into sentences by ASR, eventually comprehending the intent of the customer. Once the deduction is made, the Voice Bot identifies the purpose of the conversation and immediately provides the relevant response from the trained bot agent. This response is in the text version, which is again converted into a wave file (text to speech), resulting in an audio response.

Top benefits of ASR:

  • Dynamically collect real-time customer information without hassle.
  • Convenient and quicker resolution
  • Superior CX enhances brand value, enabling better customer retention.
  • Agent-less data processing improves the privacy of data.
  • Reduced operational costs.
  • Efficient alternative for touch-tone menus.


Natural Language Understanding or NLU is a part of machine learning procedure that helps the bot to process and analyze the natural language. In other words, it translates the human language for the machine to deliver optimal results.

NLU is used to train the Voice Bot to teach the Bot vocabulary within the context of the business. Every time a query is made, the Voice Bot will provide response as per the trained NLUs. By identifying the utterances, it will be able to deliver the appropriate response to the customer.

Voice Bot is a machine learning software. It is built to learn and can be trained regularly. With CZ Bot admin panel, the intent and responses can be trained and bot agent can be smarter by the day.

Top benefits of NLU:

  • Enable impactful and engaging conversations.
  • Provide responses to new intent by supervised training
  • Decrease human effort and reallocate it for further complicated tasks.
  • Reduces costs by taking over redundant and repetitive tasks.
  • Lastly, provides an excellent customer service ensuring customer satisfaction.

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