Types of IVR
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What is IVR ?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system, used by call centers or businesses to improve their customer service, interact with callers, gather information and route calls to the appropriate recipients. 

As a business you can drive greater cost reduction using an IVR Solution. According to a Forrester report, while a chat with an agent may cost between 6-12$, the cost of interaction on an automated IVR is as low as 25 cents. 

IVR systems can handle 20-30% of your regular calls. Try IVR for your business today!

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The IVR makes up 27% of all calls in the contact center, but only 7% of companies offer an IVR solution that delivers a better experience than live agents. 

- JD Power & Associates -

Why Do You Need An Advanced IVR ?

There is an IVR solution for every situation..

What is IVR?

Improves Brand Health 76% customers view customer service as the true test of how much a company values them 

Save Money According to a Forrester data - A chat with a live agent can cost 6-12$ per interaction, while an automated interaction on the IVR can cost as little as 25 cents.

Self Help Over 50% of customers think it’s important to solve product issues themselves rather than rely on customer service.

Overall Happiness Matters 83% customers would avoid a company after a poor experience with an interactive voice response.

More About Visual IVR & Speech IVR 

Ther are different types of IVR, based on your needs, you can choose the right one for you.

Speech IVR uses AI infused speech technology and neural network which detects the utterances as well as bio markers. It brings voice integration to the regular IVR, replacing the DTMF input method with voice recognition and adding a layer of convenience to the entire process.

It is a must have for your business if you have lengthy IVR flow with a lot of information to capture

Speech recognition in IVR

CZ Speech IVR Speech recognition for convenient engegement

Visual IVR provides an automated mobile web interface that enables businesses to share the entire IVR flow over a link through SMS. An efficent way to provide self help, the visual IVR has been used in the industry to achieve almost 70% containment rate, versus the 20-30% provided by the regular IVR.

It is a must have for your business if your enquiries can be clubbed in to categories and can be solved without an agent. Eg. An insurance provider can share documents related to the customer query through Visual IVR.

Web app with easy interphase

CZ Visual IVR Visual integration for efficient self-help

Intelligent DTMF IVR: For frictionless interactions

While the regular IVR would only categorise the calls, Intelligent IVR today are designed to provide a frictionless interaction. With easy integrations to any third party CRM, Intelligent DTMF IVR can easily fetch data and share it as a part of the flow. Allowing higher call containment and easier self help.

Intelligent IVR is a must have for any and every business today


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